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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dohány Street Synagogue

Today I learned about the beautiful Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest from an article by Giles Fraser - Why Theodor Herzl's writings still have an urgent message Here's a bit about the synagogue with some pics from Wikipedia ....

The synagogue was built between 1854 and 1859 in the Moorish Revival style, with the decoration based chiefly on Islamic models from North Africa and medieval Spain (the Alhambra). The synagogue's Viennese architect, Ludwig Förster, believed that no distinctively Jewish architecture could be identified, and thus chose "architectural forms that have been used by oriental ethnic groups that are related to the Israelite people, and in particular the Arabs". The interior design is partly by Frigyes Feszl. The Dohány Street Synagogue complex consists of the Great Synagogue, the Heroes' Temple, the graveyard, the Holocaust memorial and the Jewish Museum, which was built on the site on which Theodore Herzl's house of birth once stood. Dohány Street itself, a leafy street in the city center, carries strong Holocaust connotations as it constituted the border of the Budapest Ghetto.


Blogger Dina said...

Wow. I've never seen a raised pulpit like that in a synagogue, with a voice deflector even!
A nice post for today, Yom Hashoah here in Israel.

11:58 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Dina,

Yeah, raised pulpits like that aren't really Catholic either, but there some really intricate ones on some Protestant churches, like this one in Weis church ...,_pulpit

Thinking of you guys on Yom Hashoah.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Beautiful pictures Crystal.

I hear ya! Victor, you've got to keep sinner vic' soul off that pulpit NOW!

God does work in mysterious WAYs and who "AM I" to tell GOD what to do NOW?

Go Figure! :)


4:03 AM  
Blogger Dina said...

Wo, how could anyone concentrate on a homily while looking at such an elaborate pulpit!

8:15 AM  

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