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Monday, June 17, 2013

Blue jay ...

gets a drink, then takes off. Click on the photos to enlarge and see his dinosaur-like toenails :) -


Anonymous Victor said...

(((gets a drink, then takes off. Click on the photos to enlarge and see his dinosaur-like toenails :) )))

Hey Crystals, those toenails remind U>S (usual sinners) of Victor's "Left" big toe. Long story short, those reality spiritual member cells really think that they are "Super cells". I kid YA not, they go around kicking the hell out of cases of twelve beer and then our health care has to take care of them now.

These pup pets, "I" mean animal evolving cells just don't understand what we mean when we gods say stuff like "Drop kick me "Jesus" through the goal post of life. Longer story short, just when we think we're having our WAY with this "Jesus" cell members, some puppet human "Bears" stick their noes where they have no business.

Don't give UP yet Crystal cause we've almost got that "ONE" per sent age cell of Victor's member, "I" mean temple, no, no, "i" mean body now. If only we could get that so called "Trinity" of his in "OTTAWA" who think that they are better than U>S godly cells, we could score, if YA get my drift now?

We're working hard and long story short, at church this so called Sunday, we got Victor to forget that "OTTAWA" Trinity until he went UP to receive this so called "Body of Christ" and truth be known, Victor cheated by asking his wife their names now. "I" kid YA not and long story short, he heard Two of "The Trinity Boys" talking to him and honestly Victor's brain cells had literally forgotten their names and......

END YA SAY sinner vic?

High Victor! "I" mean hi now! "I" was just about to tell Crystal that those three grand children of yours who live in OTTAWA are very special to YA and long story short, humanity better treat them with respect if they know what's "GOOD" for humanity. We might just remind them if they ever pay our city a visit with a little longer trip if YA get our Canadian snow drift now?

"I" hear YA sinner vic! No body should mess around with U>S (usual sinners now! Right?

Permit me to ask Crystal to ask all of her blue jays to ask "The "B" Boys from OTTAWA who's boys they really are and if they say "Jesus" then long story short, "IT" is back to the drawing board for U>S and we should just "Fly Away" now.

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ now! :)


6:18 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the music video :)

8:55 PM  

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