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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some links

- Australian Jesuit Frank Brennan writes that it's time for the church to stop fighting civil marriage equality ... It's time to recognise secular same sex marriage

- Conservative UK Catholic columnist at The Telegraph, Damian Thompson, smacks conservative Catholic blogger, Fr. Z - Atrocious anti-gay bigotry from Father Z. Good on Damian!

- John Milbank has an article in The Guardian - The church offers a holistic solution to child poverty - with which I disagree, as usual, but I'll let some of those commenting at Thinking Anglicans do the honors this time.

- At US Catholic, Can we use real bread at Mass? ... I wonder if the unmentioned reason it's not used is a fear of crumbs ;)

- Veteran Jesuit explains choice to return to lay life. Creighton University has a post about him and a link to an audio file of his last homily given ... Bert Thelen, S.J., Celebrates Last Mass as St. Johns Pastor


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