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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Songbook for Haunted Boys and Girls

One of the first people I got to know online, one of my friends at the Writer's BBS, has a book out - Songbook for Haunted Boys and Girls. Here's the Amazon description ...

This "testament made of trees" is a sort of memoir told in short prose pieces or prose poems: the joys and terrors of childhood, the quirkiness of our teenage years, growing old; old friendships, old love affairs, old grudges; food and drink, music, the sweetness of conversation. It's also a portrait of a neighborhood-one of shops and restaurants and pubs and patios. Songbook for Haunted Boys and Girls is a song you put on and listen to over wine, a book of encouragement. It's a sturdy and unpretentious affirmation of life, expressed simply and exquisitely.

Now I have to convince him to make a kindle version :)


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