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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Raymond E. Brown

Mark at the NT Blog has a link to a site on Raymond E. Brown, Catholic biblical scholar and priest. As Wikipedia states ...

Brown was one of the first Roman Catholic scholars to apply historical-critical analysis to the Bible. As Biblical criticism developed in the 19th century, the Roman Catholic Church opposed this scholarship and essentially forbade it in 1893. In 1943, however, the Church issued guidelines by which Catholic scholars could investigate the Bible historically. Brown called this encyclical the "Magna Carta of biblical progress." Vatican II further supported higher criticism, which, Brown felt, vindicated his approach.

Brown remains controversial among traditionalist Catholics because of their claim that he denied the inerrancy of the whole of Scripture and cast doubt on the historical accuracy of numerous articles of the Catholic faith. Conservatives were angered at his questioning of whether the virginal conception of Jesus could be proven historically. He was regarded as occupying the center ground in the field of biblical studies, opposing the literalism found among many fundamentalist Christians while not carrying his conclusions as far as many other scholars.

Brown's specialty was the Gospel pf John. Here's one of the videos from the site ...


Anonymous Victor said...

Hello Crystal,

I just came back from seeing the movie called "Elysium" and somehow this post kind of relates to it and....

AND GIVE "IT" UP VICTOR! HOW CAN TALKING ABOUT "Raymond E. Brown" relate to He list see home, "I" mean "Elysium". Stop "IT" Victor cause you're driving us crazy. "IT" is bad enough that you won't call us gods but instead usual sinners and then you want us to believe that you created us. "IT" is not funny anymore Victor cause we own 96% of your flesh and the sooner that your so called four per sent age cells of that so called virgin mary, your father, son and holy spirit learn the truth, the better "IT" will be for you and your family in the long run.

Listen Victor! Just try and listen to yourself if you can thinking stuff like this "Jesus" was simply the word made flesh of your Heavenly Father.

Give "IT" UP Victor cause we are your gods and are not usual sinners as you think we are, who have stolen all the gifts that this imaginary spiritual father has given his children and we have made slaves of you humans with "IT". Just because some say that HE's ALL LOVE and doesn't want back what HE's given us doesn't make any of "IT" true NOW?

Believe me Victor, the alien gods are not simply lost souls, they are good and wouldn't lie to us. If you follow us gods who have been begotten, you can live forever and to hell with every "ONE" else who won't follow us.

Long story short Victor, if YA won't see "IT" our way then let's get back on topic and remember that "IT" is all about Brown who was one of the first Roman Catholic scholars to apply historical-critical analysis to the Bible and "I" ask ya, what do you know about this man? Remember that one horse, "I" mean one authors discription is only an other horses, "I" mean authors self destruction community definition of themselves and......

END YA SAY sinner vic? :)

Please forgive and pray for sinner vic.

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ

God Bless "Raymond E. Brown" soul.


8:33 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Did you like the movie? My sister just saw it too and she thought it was ok.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Thanks for asking Crystal and long story short, guess it was ok also.


3:10 PM  

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