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Friday, September 27, 2013

Four things

- Sagrada Família

- Brendan Busse SJ explains what's wrong with that concept I so hate - 'indifference' ... Care-less: The Sin of Indifference ... [M]y greatest sins haven’t been moments of too much intimacy; they’ve been moments when I refused intimacy or confused it with something else, something convenient or easy, something passionless. To sin is to deny the duty of love, and cold indifference certainly fits into this category. Let’s call it care-less-ness.

- an Ignatian examen prayer at the British Jesuit site, pray-as-you-go. I especially like the music at the beginning, which is done by Tom McGuinness SJ - link

- Anxiety, a reflection by Peter Knott SJ ... Only love casts out fear. And our deepest fear can only be cast out by the deepest love of all. We need to know unconditional love. Unconditional love, whether it comes from God or from another person, gives us substance and immortality.

- watch the completion of Sagrada Família (you can virtually visit here) ....


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