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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


- John Dean: The Legal Story of the Year, and Next Year Too: Edward Snowden

- Desmond Tutu On Animal Welfare: We Must Fight Injustice To Animals

- From NCR: Editorial: 2013's person of the year - Jennifer Haselberger

- A Guardian editorial: Religion: the God squad

- There's an essay at ABC Religion & Ethics by John Milbank on fantasy literature: Innocence that Grows: Christianity and the Fantastic Imagination. It's a long article and I'm not sure I understood it well, but it was interesting for me as a reader of fantasy. There are different kinds of fantasy - some have Christian themes, like CS Lewis' novels (and I guess Tolkien?), but others from fairy tales to some modern urban fantasies do not - but one thing they all have in common is the supernatural. I hadn't really considered this before .... naturalism and supernaturalism .... there are a number of Christians who are actually naturalists: they don't really believe, for instance, in the NT's miracles; and there are those who yearn for enchantment but who are not religious. I'm conflicted about naturalism/supernaturalism myself, which is probably why I like to read science fiction as well as fantasy :)


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