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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sarah Coakley and Ellen Page

Reading this: Two interrupted by Three: Gender Difference and the Desiring God by Anglican theologian Sarah Coakley ...

My specifically theological hypothesis about gender is as follows. Not only is divine desire more fundamental than human sexual desire, I argue, because it is its ultimate incubus, source and refiner; but also, and by the same token, that same divine desire is more fundamental than gender. The key to the secular riddle of gender can lie only in its connection to the doctrine of a desiring, trinitarian God.

I think this article is in a good cause but reading it made my head hurt ;) and also made me sad at the tortured efforts some in Christianity go to in order to make something acceptable within the given and unchallenged parameters.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I saw that actress Ellen Page (Juno) has come out as gay. The reason I especially noticed this was that last night I watched X-Men: The Last Stand in which she has a role :) ...


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