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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pell, sex abuse, church money

Watch a really good 2013 interview on ABC TV with journalist David Marr on George Pell, sex abuse, and the money. It's harrowing but really worth a listen if you want to know what kind of person is this man in which the pope has placed so much trust ... David Marr on The Prince: Faith, Abuse and George Pell ...

I bring this up because as Australian Cardinal Pell Admits Limiting Compensation to Sex Abuse Victims, Afraid Church Will Go Bankrupt (since the notorious Ellis sex abuse case in which Pell was involved the church in Australia has been immune to law suits), and leaves for Rome and his new job, it's revealed that the money is there after all: Catholic Faith and Sex Abuse: Royal Commission Confirms Sydney Catholic Archdiocese is Rich, Has $1.24B Worth of Assets Plus More. This reminds me of the luxurious Domus Australia built in Rome by the Sydney Archdiocese and which Pell supervised and where he often stays (video).

I find incredibly depressing that given all that has been revealed about Pell in particular and the sex abuse problem in general, Pell has been given such power by Francis and nothing has yet been changed in the area of abuse ... see what Fr. Thomas Doyle has written - Pope's new abuse commission is another promise waiting to be broken


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