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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where was Jesus on Holy Saturday?

Did Jesus spend Saturday in paradise? Or was he in hell, and if so,, was he suffering or was he triumphant? Or maybe he was nowhere to be found at all. Or maybe he was here in his tomb? ....

- Did Jesus Spend Saturday in Hell?, John Piper

- Why Von Balthasar Was Wrong About Holy Saturday, Stephen H. Webb

- Holy Saturday: Waiting to cross over, James Hanvey SJ

- Saturday Night in the Tomb, William Coleman

I like to imagine Him dancing there,
testing his limbs' limits once more, fitting
back into his body the way we might
slip back again into a forgotten
favorite shirt crumpled in the closet,
finding ourselves wrapped in an old love's
scent and remembering the moonflowers
opening in our gaze, steadying
for another long, glorious night of worship.
That's the God I believe in—the one
who can't wait to roll back the rock, leave nothing
behind, make an appearance everywhere,
yet who still loves these nights alone, the cool
darkness of His room, that sweet, solitary
music that keeps Him humming long after the dying's done.


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