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Friday, May 23, 2014

More on the stray cat problem

What began as me leaving out food for one stray male cat who'd been hanging around in the yard for a couple of years (and who I had wrongly thought was my neighbor's cat) has morphed with additions: two female cats who are fairly friendly also began hanging around here, then four male cats who are mostly feral also appeared, and I just noticed yesterday that there are kittens too hiding amongst the bushes. The places I've been giving small donations to over the years ... the no kill shelter, the feral cat places, the animal rescue places, etc. ... have all either not called back, have said that maybe in a year they might be able to take one cat, have suggested that blind-as-a-bat and car-less me somehow capture all these cats in my big unkempt yard, get them spayed at a far away low cost clinic, keep them inside my deteriorating home while they heal, and then adopt them all. I don't really have the means of the will to do this and I have the feeling that things are just going to get worse.


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