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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A photo and some links

- the blue jay and his peanut :) ...

- Remember when it came out that in 2007 Cardinal Dolan had hidden $57 million from sex abuse victims with Vatican approval in a cemetery trust fund? The New York Times wrote an editorial about it ... Cardinal Dolan and the Sexual Abuse Scandal. A further scandal was that a judge decided that what Dolan had done was ok, though if it had been one of us hiding assets in this way, it probably would have been seen as federal bankruptcy fraud. Today I saw that the judge who made that bizarre ruling is being investigated for religious bias in that case ... Judge's Catholic faith under scrutiny in Milwaukee archdiocese case. Good.

- Hey, is it only me who's concerned that food companies are putting nano-sized bits of metal in our food? I knew products like sunscreen and toothpaste contained stuff like zinc and titanium, but I didn't know some metals were also used in foods like Hershey's chocolates, Best Foods mayonnaise, and Kraft cheeses ...eek!

- An interesting website ... The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church


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