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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some music from Defiance


Blogger Victor said...

Whow Crystal! Do people really believe in stuff like this? Long story short, I guess we all create in our mind what we think we really need but to truly believe in stuff like this movie, is "IT" not going too far? I know I've created my own imaginary world also years ago and long story short, I wrote a little booklet in 2005 to make a couple of my imaginary friends immortal. YA!! Believe it or not I had Frank and Charlie traveling the universe and longer story short, there's only two or three copies that I made and our good Bishop was given a copy and I'm sure that he would give anyone a copy if they asked with a sincere heart and............................

AND JUST STOP "IT" VICTOR! THERE'S NO TRUTH THAT WE DON'T EXIST. OKays! Sorry for the yelling but some times YA really can get US (usual sinners "I" mean us gods very UP SET!!! Don't YA know that if Frank and Charlie don't exist then neither do we cause sometimes YA forget that we gods have been begotten by Frank and Charlie and YA of all should know that your good wife was just kidding when she says that she got them married to Frankette and Charlette and for her to go on and say that these girls got board with our creators and divorced them is not true. Your wife is silly Victor when she goes on and says that Frankette and Charlette have now turned into liz be friends, "I" mean Lesbians and then goes on to say that Frank and Charlie are now travelling the universe being their own "MAN". Listen Victor your wife better stop "IT" cause she might end UP creating Gail Winns if YA get my drift and....................................and.........................and.........and.............


Sorry crystal, I was going to tell you about the funny dream I had last night! I know that it is not easy to remember dreams but I recall enough to know that "IT" was very funny to me and it is too long to get into it right now. I'll only say that I was at our Canadian Parliament and someone presented a Bill and "IT" had not been passed final reading. Anyway, in my dream, I had not gotten my chance to speak on "IT" yet cause I thought that they were kidding and I was laughing at them quietly inside. I won't explain some of the serious funny stuff that took place while they were being very serious about wanting to pass a bill saying that humans had to be discouraged from having to carry a child to full birth. Longer story shorter, in order to accomplish this, they were trying to pass a bill that would prohibit any woman with large virginas from being allowed to leagally get married and......................

AND STOP "it" sinner victor! We're not telling you anymore of our TOP SECRETS STUFF CAUSE YAR JUST NOT ABLE TO KEEP ANYTHING TO YOURSELF. :(

Go Figure! LOL ;)

God Bless Peace

7:23 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

It's just fiction :)

12:43 PM  

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