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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The French Jesuits, The Via Dolorosa, and the Pope in Sri Lanka

- From Études , French Jesuit journal publishes anti-Catholic cartoons in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo .
UPDATE: the Jesuit publication withdrew the Chaarlie Hebdo drawings and changed the post. Part of what they *had* posted was "It is a sign of strength to be able to laugh at some traits of the institution to which we belong, because it is a way of saying that what we value is beyond always transient and imperfect forms. Humour regarding faith is a good antidote to fanaticism and a spirit of seriousness which tends to take everything literally."

- Oops! Jesus’ Last Steps Are in the Wrong Place from Candida Moss

- The Tablet has a blog post about the Pope's trip to Sri Lanka, so I thought I'd mention too my own past post ... Sri Lanka: the pope, the Jesuits, the inquisition, and the civil war


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