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Thursday, April 16, 2015


- from A Hard Day's Night

Paul McCartney is writing to me ;) ....

April 16, 2015

Dear Crystal,

Right now, baby seals are being brutally clubbed and shot for their fur off Canada’s east coast.

What happens to these defenseless pups is horrible. Many are wounded and left to suffer in agony, impaled on metal hooks and dragged across the ice. Still more are clubbed or shot and allowed to escape into the ocean, where they die slowly.

My friends at The Humane Society of the United States are now the only organization on location to film this atrocity -- to expose this horror to the world -- and they need your help to keep their cameras rolling. Please make an urgent donation today.

The footage they gather will be critical. The European Union ban on seal product trade has saved more than one million seals from a horrible fate in recent years. But the EU is revising the regulation and special interest groups are pushing hard to weaken it.

We must show decision makers that the cruelty continues and a strong ban remains crucial. Just as importantly, we need to convince countries in Asia to prohibit their trade in seal products.

This year, a group of generous donors has given The HSUS $125,000 as a matching gift challenge. Please give generously so we can meet this challenge.

Ever since I personally visited the harp seal nursery with The HSUS, I have been in awe of this amazing and unique wildlife spectacle.

We simply cannot allow it to be turned into an open air slaughterhouse each year.

Please give what you can, and help end the commercial seal hunt for good.

Paul McCartney

I get many animal welfare action alerts and requests for donations via email and I try to help when I can. Here's a video of Paul and the baby seals ...

You can read more about all this from the Humane Society here - About the Canadian Seal Hunt


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