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Monday, May 11, 2015


- From the British Jesuits: Enjoyment without guilt

- At America magazine: Why 'Avengers' is So Much Better than 'Man of Steel' (And Why, for Catholics, It’s Important)

- Mormon Temple in West L.A. lets its landmark lawn turn brown. Will the Catholic churches here in drought-world do the same?

- Am I the only one intrigued by the Trivago guy? Nope :) ... What's the Deal With the Trivago Guy? Meet TV's Sloppy, Sexy Pitchman

- Written before the results of the UK election, this article was dead right about the SNP's win (I think Scottish independence would be a good thing) ... The End of Britain as We Know It?

- When the Catholic Church owns your doctor: The insidious new threat to affordable birth control

- So what's been happening to Fr. Roy Bourgeois since the Vatican excommunicated him for attending a woman's ordination? He's still trying to help women ... Rev. Bourgeois jailed in Washington, D.C., during sit-in at embassy

- To have a truly just church, Pope Francis must move beyond complementarity

- The Pope and Selfishness: Contradictions and Fictions


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