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Monday, July 06, 2015


- Not a link, but here above is a pic of stray cat Misty and her baby. A neighbor said she was considering getting a kitten I hope I can convince her to take this one. If not, there will be 13 stray cats living in my yard and I will almost certainly go insane.

- After gay marriage, expect conservative amnesia

- Jesus Christ Wasn’t Down With Marriage

- Happy 80th birthday to the Dalai Lama ...


Blogger PrickliestPear said...

That article about "conservative amnesia" is fascinating, particularly the quotes of people denying that anyone ever claimed that gay marriage would harm heterosexual marriage. Amazing how quickly people will "forget" things when it suits their interests to do so.

7:21 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Yeah, the instant rewriting of history. I remember this happened too in the UK just before same-sex marriage was made legal. The Church there (Vincent Nichols) wanted gays to instead enter civil unions and said that the church had always supported civil unions for gays, but actually they had opposed them. This is harder to accomplish now that we can look stuff up on the internet ;)

10:21 AM  

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