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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


- Will the Pope’s Woman Problem Alienate Young Catholics? ....

Calling Pope Francis their “holy conundrum,” Catholic scholars, theologians, activists and religious convened in Chicago on Saturday at a forum titled “Women in the Catholic Church: What Francis Needs to Know.” [Full disclosure: I moderated a panel on the church and sex.] The participants, many of them long-time social justice activists, were generally grateful for Francis’ strong language on economic inequality and environmental degradation. However, they decried the pope’s blind spots when it comes to women, fearing that they will perpetuate a number of injustices and lead to an exodus from the church—particularly among millennials ...

- From Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit: Amazing news about Cecil Appeal

- Battle of the world's oldest (and Japanese) hotels

- Tom Cruise: The Good Kind of Crazy

- I heard this song with a funny/sad ending at an Atlantic article on the weirdness of makeup wearing. When I was married, the ex wanted me to wear make-up to bed even! sigh :( ....


Anonymous Richard said...

Don't think my marriage would have lasted a week with that policy! Raunchy but hard not to like Amy Shumer:)

4:55 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

TV naive me, I had never heard of her until I saw this video in the Atlantic article. So after seeing it I looked her up on YouTube ... eeeek! ;)

5:48 PM  

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