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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope compliments US Bishops on handling of sex abuse

Pope Francis: US bishops show 'courage' over Catholic church sex abuse crisis

Pope Francis has hailed US bishops for their handling of the sexual abuse crisis that has rocked the Catholic church for decades, saying they had shown “courage” throughout and regained the authority and the trust which was demanded of them.

In rare remarks about the string of scandals that first emerged in the mid-1980s, Pope Francis stopped short of addressing the victims of clerical abuse, focusing instead on the pain that had been inflicted on the bishops who were left to weather the storm.

“I am also conscious of the courage with which you have faced difficult moments in the recent history of the church in this country without fear of self-criticism and at the cost of mortification and great sacrifice,” he said.

He then commended the bishops for being ready to sell off church property and assets in order to pay for settlements with abuse victims. “Nor have you been afraid to divest whatever is unessential in order to regain the authority and trust which is demanded of ministers of Christ and rightly expected by the faithful,” he said ....

Unbelievable! :( Maybe when the pope visits Cardinal Dolan in New York Thursday he can also compliment him on his past plan to defraud sex abuse claimants by hiding $57 million dollars in church assets away in a cemetery fund.

Meanwhile, not a word from the pope about the cover-up of sex abuse by US Bishops/cardinals, like Finn and Mahony, not to mention the notorious Cardinal Law.

More from National Catholic Reporter: Francis falters in addressing sex abuse, and from The Washington Post: Why advocates for clergy sex abuse victims call Pope Francis’s remarks a ‘slap in the face’


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