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Friday, October 23, 2015

Daniel Craig on James Bond

Read an interview today - Daniel Craig on James Bond.

I do like Daniel Craig, especially in the films Munich and Copenhagen, but I'm not a fan of the James Bond movie series. I've only seen one of the Craig Bond films and the only Bond movie I really liked was The Living Daylights ... even that one was silly but at least Timothy Dalton's Bond wasn't as much of a sexist as is typical for the series. And there was A-ha doing the song :)

Anyway, here's a bit from Craig on Bond and the woman thing ...

THE RED BULLETIN: Speaking of women, many men admire Bond for his way with the ladies …

DANIEL CRAIG: But let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist. A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.

THE RED BULLETIN: What about you? Are you the kind of guy who sticks around?

DANIEL CRAIG: Well, I’ve been married for four years.

THE RED BULLETIN: Bond has actually become a bit more chivalrous in the most recent films, hasn’t he?

DANIEL CRAIG: That’s because we’ve surrounded him with very strong women who have no problem putting him in his place.

THE RED BULLETIN: And this time you’ve gone one better, showing 007 succumbing to the charms of an older woman.

DANIEL CRAIG: I think you mean the charms of a woman his own age. We’re talking about Monica Bellucci, for heaven’s sake. When someone like that wants to be a Bond girl, you just count yourself lucky! .....

Don't know if anyone remembers, but in 2011, Craig made this video for International Women's Day ....


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