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Sunday, October 04, 2015

From Candida Moss

A couple of things from Candida Moss, professor of NT studies at Notre Dame ....

- She has an article in The Daily Beast about the downside of the pressure on victims to forgive those who have hurt them or their loved ones. I agree with her - I have to admit that my skin crawls when I see a parent make a public statement forgiving the person who murdered their child. What Christians Get Wrong About Forgiveness

- And here she comments on the news. She mentions the fact that though the Pope has changed the "tone" of the church's stance on various issues like LGBT relationships or women's roles, he refuses so far to make any *real* changes in doctrine or operation. I bring this up because it both exasperates and angers me that so many people seem completely satisfied with a change in tone only. We need real concrete changes in the church. It's not good enough for the church to simply be nice to people as it's disenfranchising them - it has to to *stop* disenfranchising them.


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