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Monday, March 28, 2016

Captain Hook in the Underworld

- Hook, at a happier time

I'm really enjoying the latest from Once Upon a Time. Captain Hook, one of my favorite characters, has died and gone to the Underworld, a sort of pit stop on the way to a better or worse final destination for the dead, where those who have unfinished business must tarry. Hook's girlfriend and her family have come after him to save him from Hades, who rules the Underworld, but it's going to be complicated. Here is Hades threatening Hook ...

It probably all seems silly to those who aren't fans, but I think the show has more depth than is obvious and more heart than a thousand episodes of Game of Thrones. All the characters are well developed, with back stories that are continuously being revealed in flashbacks, making it hard to ever deliver final moral judgements on any of them. Captain Hook, or Killian Jones, is as complex as any of the others. Here we see in a flashback how he started off life as a kid ...

And after later losing his brother and killing his own father, plus a couple of centuries of antisocial behavior, he makes a final decision to do the right thing and save everyone else by dying himself ...

Sniff, sniff :( Hope they save him!


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