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Friday, July 08, 2016

Cupich: not a liberal beacon

The Pope has appointed Archbishop Cupich to the Congregation for Bishops. The idea is that he's so liberal that in the future we will end up with liberal bishops. I don't think so. This is the man who implied that marriage equality would lead to incest and polygamy. Here's part of what he wrote in 2012 in Spokane, Washington, against a marriage equality referendum, in "Some Reflections on Referendum 74 " ...

[...] If there is anything we have come to appreciate and value more fully in this modern age, it is that men and women are not the same. That is true not only biologically, but on so many other levels. Men and women are not interchangeable. They each bring something of their difference to complement each other. In a marriage union, a mutual sharing of each other’s difference creates life, but it also nourishes that life in a family where sons and daughters learn about gender from the way it is lived by their mothers and fathers. The decision to unhinge marriage from its original grounding in our biological life should not be taken lightly for there are some things enacted law is not capable of changing. Thoughtful consideration should be given to the significant consequences such unhinging will mean for children, families, society and the common good .....

If marriage is only about relationships, why limit unions to two people? Why does the new law include the traditional prohibition of close kinship unions for both opposite and same sex couples? The threat of genetic disorders in children is not an issue for same sex couples. Is it not reasonable to assume that a closely related same sex couple will in time successfully challenge this prohibition as an unreasonable imposition? .... In the coming weeks I will provide through the Inland Register, and our websites ( and materials based on what we believe God has revealed to us about creation, the meaning and value of marriage and family, and the way we are called to live as Christ’s disciples.

So, he's not exactly a liberal beacon in the night and I wouldn't expect the guys he picks as bishops to be any better. What few liberals there are left in the church are so demoralized that it seems to them like a victory to simply have someone appointed to the Congregation for Bishops who isn't obessed by man-lace like Burke or who isn't a signatory to the notorious Manhattan Declaration like Rigali. Sad. I guess I sound bitter ;) and I suppose I am. I joined the church like 20 years ago and nothing has changed for the better on the issues that matter to me in all this time (a mere change in "tone" doesn't count).


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