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Monday, September 19, 2016

Baby possum

The last few days I've been hearing a crunching sound coming from the porch but when I would go and look I couldn't see anything. Today when I heard the sound I crept up to the front window with the binoculars I use to see far away (to me) things better, and there was a baby possum on the front porch eating the cat food. I stealthily got the camera :)

The cats are nonplussed by him ... he's as small as a medium sized rat but they don't seem to think he's edible and didn't bother him. When I came up to the door he saw me and ran away under the house. Usually the possums around here only come out at night and I've never seen a baby before. A few weeks ago my sister and I found a dead possum by the side of the road - I wonder if that was his parent? Groan - please tell me he's not going to cat # 11.


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