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Friday, November 18, 2016

Don't 'give Trump a chance'

There have been many calls to give Trump a chance before freaking out about his coming presidency. While this may seem like a reasonable request, but I think it's a bad idea. As John Oliver has said, giving him a chance, in the sense of not speaking out immediately against policies he's proposed, is dangerous because some of them are alarming.

Things have actually gotten worse since Oliver said these words ... Trump has now chosen Myron Ebell for the EPA team (Trump picks climate change denier for EPA team), and he has chosen for Attorney General Republican Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Session (Attorney General Jeff Sessions Would Spell Absolute Disaster for Civil Rights in America), and has chosen Steve Bannon as his chief strategist (Steve Bannon’s dangerous campaign to rebrand racism as American “nationalism”).

As Christina Cauterucci writes ...

How many transgender people will be beaten, killed, or left homeless because the Trump administration axes civil rights protections and refuses to prosecute hate crimes? How many women will perish seeking underground abortions? How many immigrants, Muslims, and people of color will die at the hands of Trump supporters emboldened by his hate? How many cities will ISIS tear apart, and how many civilians will it brutalize and kill because our commander-in-chief, a thin-skinned egomaniac who’s ready to commit war crimes, will exacerbate the global threat of terror? How many people around the world will be displaced from their flooded homes, starved by drought, drowned by hurricanes, and victimized by terrorist groups because Trump, the leader of the second-worst emitter in the world, doesn’t believe climate change is real? In all likelihood, our republic will survive Donald Trump’s term in office. How many people, here in the U.S. and the world over, won’t?


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