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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Trump vs the Terminator

Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Some of what he said was horrifying, like his promise to do away with the church/state separation ... President Trump wants to give groups who discriminate sweeping protections, benefits. I feel that the Religious Right (Evangelicals and Catholics) have sold their souls for power in Trump's administration, and I'm not the only one ... A Faustian Bargain Pays Off for Conservative Christians.

But there were weird bits of Trump's talk as well. One was the way he made fun of Arnold ... Schwarzenegger offers to trade jobs with Trump after President's comments about Celebrity Apprentice ratings ... Arnold Schwarzenegger has challenged US President Donald Trump to trade jobs so "people can sleep comfortably again" after being blamed for poor ratings on the Celebrity Apprentice.

I think it's time to let the Terminator take out the trash :) ...


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