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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Pope's sex abuse commission continues to crash and burn

On this Ash Wednesday, some news about Pope Francis' sex abuse commission: Abuse survivor quits pope's commission citing 'shameful' resistance ...

A leading member of a group advising Pope Francis on how to root out sex abuse in the Catholic Church quit in frustration on Wednesday, citing "shameful" resistance within the Vatican. The sudden departure of Marie Collins, an outspoken Irish woman who was the last remaining survivor of priestly abuse on a Holy See commission, was a major setback for the pope, who has faced criticism of not doing enough to tackle the problem ...

As I wrote here in 2014, the Pope is really failing on the issue of sex abuse. His abuse commission has been powerless - all the commission can do is make recommendations and the Pope has ignored those recommendations. A recent example ... the commission asked him not to approve Chilean bishop Juan Barros, alleged to have covered up sex abuse, but the Pope didn't listen. Riots ensued. Marie Collins was the second of the two sex abuse survivors on the commission to leave it - the other, Peter Saunders, was forced out of the commission for speaking up about its failure.

Read Marie Collins statement on why she left the commission: Exclusive: Survivor explains decision to leave Vatican's abuse commission


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