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Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump & Repub Congress harms wildlife

With all the big bad stuff caused by the Trump administration and the Republican majority in Congress, it can be easy to overlook the continuous but less reported mean-spirited acts for which they are also responsible. Here's an example in the news today ...

Congress Just Made It Officially Legal To Kill Hibernating Bears

Hunters in Alaska can now track and kill hibernating bears thanks to a U.S. House and Senate resolution rolling back Obama-era regulations against the practice.

President Donald Trump signed the bill into law on Monday, which rolled back Alaska’s ban on killing the vulnerable bears, along with wolf cubs in dens. It also allows for hunters to target the animals from helicopters. The Republican-sponsored legislation impacts 76.8 million acres of federally protected national preserves across Alaska ......

I'd wonder how these people could be so mean, but then I guess if someone can contemplate snatching food from the mouths of the disabled and elderly, then this would be a walk in the park (you know, a park without any pesky wildlife).


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