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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Song in Your Heart

One of the tv shows that I like so much is ending, at least in its current form ... Once Upon a Time. The actress who plays the main character of Emma has decided to move on professionally and at least four of the other core characters will be leaving as well. There will apparently be one more season with a few of the important characters still there, but the show will be much changed. I've just watched the second to the last episode, The Song in Your Heart, which is something unusual - a musical episode.

The beginning of the episode, set in the past, has Snow White and Prince Charming waking up to a situation in which everything they say comes out in song. They realize that their friend, the Blue Fairy, has cast a spell to help them defeat the Evil Queen's upcoming curse on them and their soon-to-be-born daughter, Emma ...

I already posted Captain Hook's song, but here it is again. It takes place in the past, when Snow White and Prince Charming ask Hook to take them to the Evil Queen's castle so that their magical song can stop the curse. Hook doesn't want to help them at first because all his attention is devoted to finding and slaying the Dark One (aka Rumpelstiltskin, aka the "crocodile") who cut off his hand and who killed his lady love ....

There are a few other songs in the episode as well, but here is the one at the end of the episode. It takes place in the present, just after Captain Hook and Emma get married, and just before a different curse, one cast this time by the evil Black Fairy, erupts upon them and everyone else in town ....

More on the show later.


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