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Monday, July 10, 2017

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate

Nope, I'm not posting about The X-Files but about the latest White House press briefing ...

I've been watching it (or actually 'listening to' it, since it's another press briefing they wouldn't allow to be om-camera) and the twisting of the truth and the propaganda that spewed from Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her guest speaker, Marc Short, director of legislative affairs, threatened to drive me batty. Just a few comments to try to set things straight ....

- Marc Short spoke about Democrats obstructing the confirmations of Trump nominees. He said the Democrats were frustrating the wishes of the American people by doing this, and that the Democrats should be more bipartisan. Hey, let's try to remember that Hillary won the popular vote and that the will of the American people is probably split, at best, over these nominees. And the bipartisan stuff - this is incredibly disingenuous given how the Republicans in Congress refused to even consider President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Courtl.

- Short also stated that most Americans support the Senate health care bill (not true - Poll: Only 12% of Americans support the Senate health care plan). And he said that this is because the ACA is dying, but he neglected to mention why it is happening (Trump’s Attempts to Sabotage Obamacare Are Working ... The costs of Trump's sabotage of Obamacare already are showing up in rate hikes)

- Sanders later went on about the unprecedented rapport between Trump and Poland on his trip to Europe. This should come as no great surprise since Poland presently has one of the most conservative governments of recent times ... Trump picks Poland for his second foreign trip, where the government is accused of attacking democratic institutions ... Poland Is Busing Trump Supporters to Warsaw to Ensure Cheering Crowds

- And she tried to avoid questions about Trump's two hour love fest with Putin at G-20. Why were there only four people in the meeting? Why was there no press? Why did what was supposed to be a 30 minute meeting go on for over two hours (Donald Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin lasts more than 2 hours after being scheduled for 30 minutes)? Why did Trump accept Putin's assertion that there was no Russian meddling in our elections? You can read more on this but come on, but I think the fact is that Trump likes Putin and that it doesn't bother him that the Russians interfered in our elections. I would not be surprised to learn that Trump colluded with the Russians to win. So what was happening during those two hours? Probably a lot of celebrating.

- Sanders also tried to deflect questions about a previously undisclosed meeting between Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and Trump's campaign manager with a Russian lawyer yo obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton ...

And ...

The WH press briefings now seem to only exist to spread misinformation.


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