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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Today on Meet the Press

On Sunday mornings as I drink my hot chocolate/coffee mixture, I usually watch the morning news programs on YouTube ... Meet the Press, Face the Nation, etc. Today I was so upset that I had to quit Meet the Press after about 10 minutes.

They had a poll showing that while almost 60% of the entire country thinks Trump is doing a bad job, about 80% of Republicans love him. Then Chuck Todd interviewed Republican senator Rob Portman of Ohio about this and Portman said (in essence) the same thing that most Republican lawmakers are saying .... that he doesn't care that Trump is a lying pussy-grabbing racist psycho who wants to take health care away from millions and food from the mouths of the elderly poor, and in fact he will mimic these Trumpian qualities, as long as this will insure that he himself can get re-elected. He and most other Republican lawmakers are spineless suck-ups without moral centers.

But what's really disturbing, is the 80% of Republican voters Portman and others like him are pandering to. This seems to say that either 1) almost all Republicans are racists and misogynists and idiots, or 2) that they are willing to accept ruining the lives of others in order to end up on top themselves. I have relatives who love Trump and it's becoming incredibly hard to keep believing they are good people. And I'm angry so much of the time. Job well done, Trump :(


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