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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Catholic church: International Women's Day

On this, International Women's Day ... Women take to the streets as the world marks International Women’s Day ... there's one place that won't be celebrating = the Catholic church.

The church is one of the last western organizations (and states) that refuses to even consider the idea of treating women as equals with men. Pope Francis has been hailed as a reformer by many, but he has said about women that they will NEVER be priests in the church (nor deacons either). And women religious? Nuns and Sisters are used by the church as scut dogs .... In Vatican Magazine Exposé, Nuns Reveal Their Economic Exploitation

On days like today, more progressive Catholic sites post mournful articles about how sad it is that women can't be priests ... When my daughter whispered to me, “I wish girls could be priests,” I didn’t know what to say ... as if the issue was out of our hands. They hide behind the cover of 'the will of the Holy Spirit' though there have been numerous scholarly opinions, including that of the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Commission in 1976, that show there's no credible religious reason women can't be priests. Women aren't priests in the Catholic church because of sexism.

And because of apathy. We in the church have no way to influence what the leaders of the church decide on doctrine and practice, besides making a stink or leaving altogether. Most of the Catholics who really do care about the problems of sex abuse or celibacy or women priests or divorce or contraception or LGBT rights have already left the church. Those who remain mostly don't care about these issues as long as they can go to church on the occasional Sunday and get the eucharist.

I think it's shameful. Shameful that the church treats women the way it does and shameful that most Catholics don't care enough to do something about this.

Here's more in the news: Catholic Church 'An Empire of Misogyny' Claims Former Irish President Mary McAleese

The Catholic Church is “an empire of misogyny” and must reform its traditionalist outlook if it wants to stay relevant, former Irish President Mary McAleese has claimed.

McAleese, who led Ireland from 1997 to 2011, was speaking in Rome, Italy, ahead of the Voices of Faith conference, the BBC reported.

The meeting—taking place on International Women’s Day—invites prominent Catholic women from around the world to speak at the conference, and campaigns for greater inclusion of the church’s female members within its leadership .......


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