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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A trial for Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell will face trial on sex-offense charges

Cardinal George Pell was ordered by an Australian magistrate to face trial over sexual abuse allegations, a decision that may make him the most senior Roman Catholic prelate to be forced to defend himself in court over a scandal that has swept through Catholic communities around the world ...

Yep, the Pope's s hand picked advisor, Pell, will have to go to trial, his case being so high profile that the Pope can't really suck him back to Vatican City, that haven of immunity from prosecution, as he has done with guys like archbishop Józef Wesołowski (Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski’s Extradition Declined: Former Papal Nuncio Accused Of Sex Abuse Remains In Vatican) and Monsignor Carlo Alberto (Amid Pornography Case, Vatican Recalls Priest From Washington Embassy).

I've had a lot of posts about Pell, from his days of denying the primacy of conscience to his disastrous missal translation to the allegations of his sexual abuse. You can read more in this, my past post: Cardinal Pell finally charged with sex abuse


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