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Monday, May 21, 2018

The kitten

Since I last wrote about the cat situation, we were able to catch Snowy, the mama of the two white kittens, and get her spayed. All we have left now to do is catch Fluffy to get spayed, and also there's been a male cat hanging around that we will try to catch and neuter too. But we've been waiting on Fluffy because she had kittens hidden in a wood pile that she was feeding.

It turns out there was just one kitten. I asked the vet a couple of weeks ago if she could find a home for this kitten too, but the white kittens have not yet been adopted out, so she said we would have to wait.

Meanwhile the kitten has been on the loose in the yard. Today, I was able finally to catch him and was able to see that his eyes look infected and he seems very thin and kind of sick. I had some kitten milk and a little bottle the vet had given me for the last kittens, so I looked up online how to feed him ...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get him to eat. My sister came over to help for a while and she thinks he did eat a bit. Tthe whole experience has made me realize how inadequate I am to take care of little kittens by myself - I can't see well enough to do what I'm supposed to do.

Now he's in a box in the garage so that his mom, who's really afraid of me, can find him and hopefully feed him. I will call the vet in the morning and hope they will take him or at least check him out.


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