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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Trump will pick Amy Barrett

I predict that Trump's pick for the new Supreme Court Justice will be Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett is pro-life, has little judicial experience, and is the member of an obscure ultra-conservative lay Catholic/Protestant group, People of Praise. Trump will pick her because he believes she will be the most unacceptable candidate for Democrats. When Democrats freak, he will accuse them of being hostile to religion, and the cherry on the top will be that Trump will claim this is actually also a feminist pick.

Those who have kept track of Barrett will recall that she was among Trump's earlier choices for a circuit judgeship and that then Dianne Feinstein (my senator) voted against her because of her religious bias against Roe v. Wade ...

Everyone jumped on Feinstein for this comment and in the coming hearings all criticisms of Barrett's religious beliefs will be cast as bigotry. But I think Feinstein was right to address these concerns. Given that a majority of Americans (and a majority of Catholics) don't want Roe v. Wade overturned, the idea that a prospective Justice's extreme religious views on that issue shouldn't matter is nuts. Some people believe no one should ever make judgements about religion and the impact that religion may have on society, but that is not the American tradition ... if it was, Mormons would still be practicing polygamy.

Read more about People of Praise: Amy Coney Barrett Is Allegedly a Member of a Religious Group That’s Been Called a “Cult”.


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