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Monday, August 05, 2019

"The Republicans will never ...

... do anything on gun control. Nothing. Ever." - David Jolly

Trump gave his teleprompter speech on the shootings ... so lacking in sincerity and acceptance of his own responsibility for what happened. He blames video games and mental illness for the shootings ... criminologists say most mass shooters are not mentally ill and do not use violent video games. Republican lawmakers do their Trump-toady act.

Watch what former Republican Congressman David Jolly has to say about Congressional Republicans and gun reform ...

When I was a kid, the only Republicans I knew were my grandmother and her sister, Auntie Bert. They were conservatives and religious, but good people. When I was a teen I started seeing the ugly side of Republicans.

They were the people who stood in line behind us in the grocery store, criticizing our every food-stamp sponsored choice, because poor people don't deserve cookies bought with tax dollars.

When we were in high school/college and spoke out against the Vietnam war, they were the ones who told us to "love it [America] or leave it".

They were the people who, when they found out I was collecting social security disability as a young adult for being legally blind, told me I was a social parasite.

When I volunteered at a Planned Parenthood, they were the people who let me know it was scandalous for women to have control over their own reproductive lives.

You could say I grew a dim view of Republicans, but never did I think that opinion could fall as low as it has since Trump became president. It really seems now that there's nothing inside them but cynical self interest.


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