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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DC Meetings

Today, as I visited the blogs I have bookmarked, I saw that many of them dealt with happenings in Washinton DC ... the annual Society of Biblical Literature meeting and the Karl Barth Society of North America meeting. I can't claim to understand half of what it's all about, but the little I do pick up from reading these scholarly blogs is very interesting ...

Mark Goodacre - NT Gateway Weblog - presented a Pauline paper at the SBL meeting on Galatians - check out day I and day 2 ...

Stephen Carlson - Hypotyposeis - has a post on the SBL meeting and the papers he gave there, including Luke’s Panel Technique for an “Orderly” Account ...

Ben Witherington gave a paper at the SBL meeting on Lazarus as the Beloved Disciple.

At the Karl Barth Society meeting, George Hunsinger and Archie Spencer gave criticisms of the Analogia Entis in David Bentley Hart's book, The Beauty of the Infinite, and Hart gave a response. Read discussions about this meeting at Faith and Theology and at Brian Hamilton.


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