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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Saw this trailer from the 2007 movie about Teresa of Avila, Teresa, el cuerpo de Cristo. Sadly it's in Spanish (Liam - help! :). It looks pretty interesting - nice cinematography and costumes - but I remember it being panned by the the Spanish Bishops for showing the romantic relationship between Jesus and Teresa (this is not the first movie on this subject - see Matt's post on Visions of Ecstasy). I can't recommend the film as I haven't seen it, and I wasn't able to find a review of it - for all I know it's pretty awful - but I wouldn't pan it for the same reasons as the bishops. Has anybody out there seen it?


Blogger Liam said...

I want to see that movie. I translated the director's first movie (he switched over from being a hot young novelist to being a hot young director). It was a bit on the pretentious side, but the director is a really nice guy.

The Spanish bishops are overall extremely reactionary and still pining for Franco. Their opinion is not a serious one.

7:49 PM  
Blogger crystal said...


Thanks - I remember you mentioning translating that other movie - you're getting very close to famous :)

I did see a little of what the director had to say about the movie in a past Times article ....

The film, a Spanish, French and British co-production, is written and directed by Ray Loriga, who worked with Pedro Almodóvar on the script of Live Flesh.

He was prepared for a possible controversy, but said: “The vision we have been offered of St Teresa is very close to a holy image. So far, everybody has been careful not to touch on certain uncomfortable subjects — her sexuality, her relationship with God, which was so close, nearly skin to skin ....

“So far, they’ve only offered two models to women — The Virgin Mother, which, in my opinion, is an aberration and quite harmful to women, and the redeemed whore symbolised by Mary Magdalene. These role models worry me. The Church hasn’t been able to find a better explanation for women within the context of our relationship with God.”

9:22 PM  
Blogger victor said...

crystal dare I say that I've learned in prayer through faith that Our Virgin Spiritual Mother Mary has always been in Heaven with Our Heavenly Father. Spiritually speaking Our Heavenly Spiritual Mother Mary was always with our Reality Virgin Mother Mary when she carried Our Father's Word made Flesh in Earthly Mother Mary's Reality Womb.

Dare I also say that when Jesus was born, Our Spiritual Virgin Mother Mary covered Baby Jesus with Angels while Our Reality Virgin Mother Mary covered Him with a reality blanket. Go Figure!

I hear ya! You better quit now Victor while I'm thinking that you're just a little beyind my way of thinking right now cause God knows that I don't want to say that you're going crazy!:)


7:03 PM  
Blogger crystal said...


If anyone's crazy, it's me :)

9:04 PM  

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