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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Reincarnation and The X-Files

At times I almost dream
I too have spent a life the sage's way
And tread once more familiar paths
Perchance I perished in an arrogant self-alliance an age ago
And in that act a prayer for one more chance went up so earnest, so...
Instinct with better light let in by death that life was blotted out not so completely
But scattered wrecks enough of it to remain dim memories
As now when seems once more
The goal in sight again

The latest movie from the library wasn't a movie but the 4th season of The X-Files, and tonight I watched the episode titled The Field Where I Died in which FBI agent Mulder, working with the ATF to find guns cached by a religious cult, meets a woman he comes to believe he knew in a former civil war era life, who dies, despite his best efforts, in a group suicide. In the video, Mulder speaks the lines above at the end of the episode, holding the old photos of the people he and she once were, standing in the filed where his former self had died.

Some pics .....

- Mulder and the ATF enter the religious compound

- a woman shows him an underground bunker where he thinks guns are hidden, but she tells him instead it's where she watched him die in another life

- Mulder tries without sucess to convince his partner of reincarnation

- Mulder's too late to stop the group's suicide

Forgot how much I liked The X-Files.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we start to examine the basic views of the New Age movement and the Oriental religions, it is good to start with reincarnation. This doctrine is in the background of almost all teachings of the New Age movement and it is also the basic belief of the Oriental religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. It is estimated that approximately 25% of people in the Western countries believe in reincarnation, but in India and other countries of Asia – where the origin of this doctrine are – the percentage is much higher. Mainly in India and other countries of Asia they have taught this doctrine for at least 2000 years; it was generally accepted about 300 years before Christ, not much before that.
People who believe in reincarnation believe that life is a continuous cycle; each person is born on the Earth again and again and again, and will always get a new incarnation depending on how he has lived in his previous life. All bad things that happen to us today are only the result of earlier events. We must now reap what we sowed during earlier lives. However, if we do not experience enlightenment and at the same time gain freedom from this cycle (achieving moksha), this circular life will continue forever.
In the Western world, achieving moksha is not very important. Instead, in the Western world reincarnation is seen in a positive light, mainly as a possibility to develop and grow spiritually. It does not have the similar negative nuances.
But what should we think about reincarnation: Is it really true? Is it worth believing in? We will try to address these questions in this article:

1:22 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Thanks for the comment. I don't know if reincarnation happens or not but I like better the idea that we have just one life - one has been more than enough for me :) I guess in a way, the concept of purgatory kind of grew up to take the place of reincarnation's way of "maturing" someone enough to finally be one with God. But I like the idea better that it can be an instantaneous thing wronght by God after death. But who knows?

1:05 PM  

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