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Monday, July 05, 2010

5ive Days to Midnight

- J.T. Neumeyer (Timothy Hutton) tries to open a briefcase from the future

This week's movie rental was 5ive Days to Midnight .....

... a five-part miniseries which ran on the Sci Fi Channel in June of 2004. It stars Timothy Hutton as J.T. Neumeyer, a physicist who discovers a briefcase containing postdated documents and evidence which indicate he will die five days in the future.

- a homicide detective (Randy Quaid) and J.T. look through what he found in the briefcase

Set in Seattle, the story tells of J.T. Neumeyer, a college physics professor with a 10 year old daughter (wife died in childbirth), who finds a futuristic briefcase with his name on it when he and his daughter visit his wife's grave. Within the briefcase he finds a police report on his own future murder five days hence. At first he thinks it's a prank, but when things begin to fall into place as described in the police report, he contacts the homicide detective mentioned in the file, and then, as things get scarier, he tries to leave town, but all to no avail. His new girlfriend (Kari Matchett) complicates matters, as does one of his physics students. I've just seen part one so far (days one, two, and three out of five) - it's lightweight but fairly entertaining.

Here's the commercial for the show ....


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