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Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Women

This week's movie was the 1994 version of Little Women. I remember reading the book when I was a kid and liking it very much. The movie is a pretty good rendition of the book.

Here's just the beginning of Roger Ebert's review (three and a half stars) ...

This is a surprisingly sharp and intelligent telling of Louisa May Alcott's famous story, and not the soft-edged children's movie it might appear. There's a first-rate cast, with Susan Sarandon as the mother; Winona Ryder as the tomboy, Jo; Trini Alvarado as Meg; Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Mathis as Amy, younger and older; and Claire Danes as Beth. As the girls are courted by their neighbor (Christian Bale) and his tutor (Eric Stoltz), and as Jo comes under the influence of a German professor (Gabriel Byrne), the film is true to Alcott's story about how all of life seems to stretch ahead of us when we're young, and how, through a series of choices, we choose and narrow our destiny .... The story is set in Concord, Mass., and begins in 1862, in a winter when all news is dominated by the Civil War. The March family is on its own; their father has gone off to war .....

As Ebert mentions, the beginning of the movie is a little too sweet and the relative poeverty the family finds themselves in would be a move upwards for me :) but still the film brought back a lot that was familiar from being a kid with my sister - having cats, learning to sew, writing stories, sharing clothes, dealing with money problems, wondering about the future.

- the March family digs

- Meg and a kitty

- Joe and friend Lorrie

- Joe and love interest, a German philosophy professor


Anonymous Victor said...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend crystal and make sure the kitties get a little turkey also. :)


4:46 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too :)

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Freda said...

One of my favourite books - must read it again soon, and get the dvd. Thanks for your reminder.

10:26 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Freda,

I haven't read the book since I was a kid - what a good idea to try it again, thanks :)

5:51 PM  

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