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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Way I Am

I was going to write something about Egypt and torture, having seen a post on that at Andrew Sullivan's blog, but instead I was sidetracked by this video he had also posted - nice song by Ingrid Michaelson, nice puppy .... :)

If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cuz I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cuz I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha yes 1 has fond memories of bath time. i got a lot of baths as a child- mostly water constantly being tipped over 1s head so much so 1 thought i was drowning out at sea.

Then I have another very vivid memory of again being dumped on in a sea of water by a Man who's boat was sinking out at sea after his french captain had deserted the old silent wrecked ship. Something must of happened to Him at bath time as a child. :0)

5:56 PM  

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