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Friday, May 20, 2011

Creeping infallibility

For those interested in papal infallibility and women's ordination, there's a post at US Catholic by Robert McClory, author of Power and the Papacy: The People and Politics Behind the Doctrine of Infallibility, and professor emeritus at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism - Why church teaching on women's ordination isn't infallible. Here's a bit of it ....

[...] To merit the stamp of infallibility, according to church teaching, a doctrine must be founded on scripture or on an unbroken tradition or on both. The pope and bishops are not free to decide on their own what qualifies and what doesn’t. As Vatican II said in the document Verbum Dei:

“Now the Magisterium is not above the Word of God, but serves it, teaching only what has been handed on, listening to it devoutly, guarding it conscientiously and explaining it faithfully, by divine commission and with the help of the Holy Spirit.”

A related article that's kind of interesting is Infallibility Revisited by John J. Carey, which mentions a dispute between Karl Rahner and Hans Küng.


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Good links, Crystal, thanks.

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Hi Denny :)

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