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Friday, December 30, 2011

Clothes make the man ...

and woman, to misquote Mark Twain.

Still watching episodes of JAG. It's challenging because I'm an anti-war pacifist who finds the romanticizing of the military creepy at best, but still I'm finding the series interesting and it reminds me of my grandfather, who was career military.

Last night's episode was a fictionalized account of the almost court-martial of a real-life fighter pilot, Martha McSally, who contested the Department of Defense's rule that service women must wear body-covering abayas when off base in Saudi Arabia. She brought a suit against the DOD and the policy was changed in 2002. It's strange - I don't remember any of this from the news then, but now, with the recent furor over burqa banning in some European countries, it seemed worth noting (for more on how I feel about burqas - Andrew Brown and myself on the burqa ban). Anyway, here's a short segment from 60 Minutes on McSally ...


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