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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pot kettle black

When I read of Christian exhortations against turf war in the Holy Land, I can't help but think of the pot calling the kettle black ..... Rival Clergymen Clash at Bethlehem ...

(BETHLEHEM, West Bank) — The annual cleaning of one of Christianity's holiest churches deteriorated into a brawl between rival clergy Wednesday, as dozens of monks feuding over sacred space at the Church of the Nativity battled each other with brooms until police intervened. The ancient church, built over the traditional site of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, is shared by three Christian denominations — Roman Catholics, Armenians and Greek Orthodox. Wednesday's fight erupted between Greek and Armenian clergy, with both sides accusing each other of encroaching on parts of the church to which they lay claim .....

- the silver star, placed where Jesus is thought to have been born, beneath the altar in the Grotto of the Nativity - Church of the Nativity


Blogger Dina said...

Ah yes . . . the holy status quo.

Here's the video of the brawl:

I'm just glad it was the Palestinian police who had to break it up, and not Israelis.

3:06 AM  
Blogger Dina said...

Oops, sorry. I forgot to click on your video before I commented. You already have it.

3:09 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

I remember you had a post about this earlier with the photo of the ladder that hadn't been moved in many years because it might upset the "status quo". I'd never heard of it until then.

1:17 PM  

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