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Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Republicans

I haven't been paying attention to Republican candidates. I guess this is because I cannot imagine a scenario where I'd vote for a Republican, given a living/breathing candidate who's a Democrat - the basic Republican stance on the economy, education, health care, the environment, energy, entitlements, gay rights, women's rights, the military ... eek!

Having said this, I do have a past post about Mitt Romney ... Mitt's speech on Mormonism ... but I'd not vote for him. I've seen the ocassional post in blogdom about Gingrich or about Santorum, probably because they identify as Catholic ... the posts have been negative and I agree with the posts that these two are not vote-worthy either.

Recently, I saw an interesting post at A Thinking Reed about Ron Paul and his non-intervention foreign policy stance - Foreign policy and the Golden Rule. Here's a video of Paul giving a speech in congress which exemplifies his beliefs on the subject. But though I might find some of Paul's ideas interesting, I'd never vote for him .... he's too much a schizophrenic mix of beliefs, most of which I don't share.

So I'll go on ignoring these guys. Even if by some chance it seems the Democratic candidate will likely lose, I'm not sure I could justify voting for one of the Republicans .... the lesser of evils is still evil ;)


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