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Monday, February 20, 2012

Preaching the transfiguration

- The Transfiguration, Giusto de Menabuoi

I saw this sermon for last Saturday by Susan Russell which brings together the subject of Jesus' transfiguration with Franciscan Richard Rohr, anthropologist Margaret Mead, and the recent political situation.


Anonymous Victor said...

Dear Crystal,

After listening to every bit of your video, I must say that we humans will never change.

Right now "I AM" so angry with JESUS for having allowed me to be sucked in by these so called MEN Bishops, not to mention all those Cardinals who don't want to allow U>S (usual sinners)to marry beautiful wo-men just because they think that women are made from this so called Adam or is that A Dam?

Anyway please pray for me cause right now, all "I" am able to hold on to is the time in the passed after our society placed me in a mental hospital and then sent me back home to take care of our five daughters. Long story short is I was sitting on our couch and I could feel a host being placed on my tongue and the feeling was so great that I quietly spoke to our children's bird and their gold fish. Call me crazy but I literally placed my fingers in the bowl and they came to the top and allowed me to pet them and my wife saw me do the same thing at her sisters place and she had a LOT more gold fish in their bowl.

Crystal, I could write a book on this video alone and GOD (Good Old Dad) alone knows how big or small "IT" would be but I better close and thank you for your space to write here.

I'll close by saying that me, myself and i could get on our knees for 24 hours and think that we were gods but without lust, I mean GOD's LOVE we can do that for Eternity and still not know "JESUS".

I hear ya! You still want me to pray for ya Victor during "LENT"? :)

Please and Thank You

Hey Men! Ha Men! or is that Amen?

"Forgive U>S Father for we know not what we do!"

Who said that? :)

12:32 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor :)

2:43 PM  

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