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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


- the temple

I'm finally up to the last season of Lost, and in this season the remaining characters have encountered a temple in the jungle. The temple architecture/art seems a combo of Aztec and Egyptian and it's where the scary smoke monster lives.

- temple depiction of the smoke monster being evoked (I think)

The man in charge of the temple is a Japanese named Dogen. I had to smile when i heard him introduced - the writers of the show seem to enjoy naming characters after famous people (Locke, Bentham, Hume, Hawking, Faraday, etc.) and Dogen is just the latest. When I was interested in zen Buddhism, I learned a little but about the other Dōgen.

- Hiroyuki Sanada plays Dogen

I'll be so sad when I'm done with the series - it's been a wild ride :)


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