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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playing at a theater near you

I see that Ridley Scott's science fiction prequel to the film Alien, Prometheus, is now playing - I'll probably catch it soon. I've seen almost all of the series: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, and yes, I'll admit it, even Alien vs. Predator ;) My favorite of the bunch was Aliens - it seemed more science fiction than horror and had Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, and Bill Paxton in it

According to the Wikipedia page on Prometheus, it began as a straightforward prequel but then was modified to be more a stand alone film informed by a Chariots of the Gods theory of the origins of human life on this planet. I have to kind of laugh when I think of that idea ... that we were either planted here by aliens and/or that aliens gave early humans technical help. I know these themes are explored in Star Trek and Stargate but I always think of that conversation had in National Treasure when they find the incredible labyrinthian Revolutionary War era complex built under Trinity Wall Street church ...

Powell: How do a bunch of guys with hand tools build all this?
Ben: Same way they built the pyramids - and the Great Wall of China.
Riley: Yeah... the aliens helped them.

Still, the movie should be interesting - parts of it were filmed at the foot of the active Hekla volcano and at the Dettifoss waterfall, and it stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Roger Ebert wrote that the film was magnificent in his review, but the review in the NYT isn't as kind. Anyway, I'll report back after seeing the movie.


Anonymous Victor said...

Hey! I'm not ar robot crystal! :)

Anyway! Saint Anthony and I will probably be going to see this movie soon also. Actually, he's not really Saint Anthony but just a simple Anthony but you see I'm his god father and I'm also his grand father so "IT" must give U>S (usual sinners) the right within SF interest of greatness to pretend that some of his spiritual cells are also great if ya know what "I" mean? You know what they say about possitive thinking crystal! Right?

All kidding aside, Anthony is in grade eleven at a Catholic high school and as far as "I'M" concerned, most of his reality cells still have not found their way yet. For example, some of his reality cells think they know more than you do and when I asked him to prove it as salvage might ask, he simply said that to keep a short story from being long, Ridley Scott was not the real director and when I push him about "IT", he simply said 'Prometheus' is DEFINITELY an 'Alien' prequel to an 'Alien' and wouldn't say anymore except please close my bedroom door.

Go Figure young people NOW! :)


6:13 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Hey Crystal! Saint Anthony, I mean Anthony and "I" went to see Pro-Me-The-U>S, I meant to say Prometheus. Anyway, don't tell the creator and/or the directors cause "I" really don't want to hurt any "ONEs" feeling but Victor personally really didn't like "IT" much.

Go figure! Anthony liked "IT" and he even politely gave Victor hell and told him that IT was just a prequel to Alien which Victor did not see and they will probrably be making a sequel to this movie also.

Truth be known, we gods will somehow manage to explain IT all to Victor. Long story short, we will tell him that the next movie should explain that humans can not see invisible creatures. At the end of Prometheus, we tried to show Victor and his so called humanity, the invisible gods as ourselves but crystal you of all people should know that we gods must agree to disagree with these humans. I really can not see why GOD (Good Old Dad) would created Adam and Eve in His Own Image.

Long story short, Eve still does not want to believe that she comes from Man and personally speaking, we gods agree with salvage that these humans do not know what they are doing.

STOP THAT sinner vic cause you are the one who does not exist and there was no Eve there. IT was only a female doctor who loved wearing a cross which represented Jesus Christ so stop dramatizing everything! Please!

Hey Victor look beside you and you can see US and do not worry about Eve cause all she wants to ask the gods is why they want to kill humans after they created them and we will explain IT all in the next movie when our spiritual cells team UP with the direct hers and produce hers!

STOP IT RIGHT NOW sinner vic cause you do not exist and if you do prove IT to me and salvage!!!

Just look beside ya Victor! What do you see my friend....

Give IT UP sinner vic cause that is only my shadow! :)


7:22 AM  

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