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Friday, July 27, 2012

David Cameron, Kelvin, and Larry the cat

Today I saw a post, At Number 10, at the blog of Kelvin Holdsworth, the Provost of St.Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow. In the post, Kelvin tells of a party he attended at 10 Downing Street hosted by the British Prime Minster, David Cameron. What's strange about all this is that Cameron is the head of the Tory party, what would be the Republican party in the US.

Here's just a little bit from Kelvin's post (best to read the whole thing) ...

There was something a little bit surreal about the party I went to last night .... I can honestly say that I was absolutely thrilled to have been invited to the PM’s reception to celebrate the LGBT Community. It was the most beautiful hot evening and the reception was outside in the Rose Garden at the back of Number 10. That meant going up to the famous front door (which opens for you from within) and then through the house, past some nice paintings, down the famous staircase with the portraits that presumably leads up to the formal rooms and then out through the back. There was wine and posh nibbles and people milling around on the lawn .... And yes, I did get to meet the Prime Minister .... And the real social contact I was proudest of making? That would have to be the chance to make friends with Larry on the way out.

Larry is a cat, the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office :) Larry was chosen from an animal shelter, the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Here's Larry with David Cameron and Barack Obama (Wikipedia) ....

You can read more about Cameron and what he said at the party at Thinking Anglicans here.


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